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Mission War Channels

  • Mission Wars are held on the Mission War channels which appears in every server.
  • Mission wars are held only on Mission war channels, and players are only allowed to enter the channels that fits their characters’ levels.

How to access

During Game Channel Select Window

Enter Mission War by clicking on the check button shown.

Select the appropriate Mission War Channel)

Progress system – Tierra Gloriosa

Frequency Opening time of
Mission War Channel (PDT)
Progress Hour Number of Participants
6 times in 1 Day 00:00 / 06:00
12:00 / 15:00
18:00 / 21:00
In Lobby before the war: 10min.
Mission war: 50min.
In lobby after the war: 30min.
Total 90 minutes
In the lobby: 125 per nation
In the War: 100 per nation



  • Tierra Gloriosa
  • Result of Mission War will be printed 30 seconds later from the end of War.
  • When you select your reward (Core Cube) from personal compensation tab and choose to leave battlefield, you will be transferred to lobby automatically.
  • If one nation wins a war with called game, Mission War will be finished no matter whether progress hour has left or not.

Damage caculation according to level difference

  • If the competitor’s level is lower than player’s character, given damage will decrease at least 1% to 20% for maximum.
  • If the level difference is greater than 20, damage difference will be fixed at 20%.