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Client Download

  • Download the CABAL Online client program from the official website.
  • The client installation requires at least 3GB of free space in your hard disk.

Installing CABAL Online

1 . Download Cabal_setup.exe.

2 . Select the location to save Cabal_setup.exe.

3 . Navigate to the folder that contains Cabal_setup.exe and double-click to run it.

4 . When the Windows Security Alert window prompts, click "Run."

5 . When the CABAL Online Setup window prompts, click "Next."

6 . Select a folder to install the CABAL Online client program.

7 . Select a menu folder to install CABAL Online.

8 . Select the installing location of CABAL Online shortcut icons.

9 . CABAL Online is ready to install. Select Next to start installing the game.

10 . Finish installing CABAL Online.

11 . Check on "Start! CABAL Online" and click "Finish" to run CABAL Online.