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  • What's Skill Rank?
  • In CABAL Online, skills have ranks like your character has levels. Each time you use a skill, a certain amount of the skill experience points is gained, allowing you to increase your Skill Rank when enough points are accumulated. Increasing your Skill Rank unlocks higher-ranking skills and rewards you with an amount of bonus character stats, facilitating a stronger character.

Skill Ranks

  • Novice > Apprentice > Regular > Expert > A. Expert > Master > A. Master > Grand Master > Completer > Transcender

How to Increase Your Skill Rank

  • Use Dummy to practice your skills and increase skill EXP.

  • Sword Skill

    Magic Skill

  • Use combos to gain skill EXP Faster.
  • Skill Rank Restriction per Character Level
  • Skill Ranks are restricted as per character and Battle Style levels.
  • Level Range Skill Rank Battle Style Level
    0~9 Novice 1
    10~29 Apprentice 2.3
    30~39 Regular 4
    40~49 Expert 5
    50~59 A. Expert 6
    60~69 Master 7
    70~79 A. Master 8
    80~89 Grand Master 9
    90~99 Completer 10
    100 Transcender 11

How to Use Dummies

  • Skill Ranks are restricted as per character and Battle Style levels.
  • Dummies are available in all the starting villages: Desert Scream, Green Despair, and Bloody Ice.
  • Dummies give skill EXP only when you use skills on them; normal attacks are not counted.
  • Dummies do not give Pet EXP.
  • Dummies are available for all Battle Styles and character levels.