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Altar of Siena B2F

Entry Condition 135Lv/ Battle Style Lv 11 Time Limit 80 minutes Clear Bonus Honor Point (20,000pt),
Core Cube
Entry Item Siena's Crest B2F Location Mutant Forest (X: 123, Y: 97)
Maku Sha
It is said that Maku was one of the stronger monsters of the Mutant Clan. Maku, not satisfied with being just strong, craved to be agile also, and so it intentionally approached Siena to be contaminated by her seed.
Dorigo Heta
It is said that Dorigo was a kind of an aquarium bird, and to prevent from flying away, the feathers of its inner wings had been cut off since young. It abhors the humans who cut its wings and so it threatens any adventurers that steps into the altar.
Siegfried Veniti
The chief military officer that guarded the Sienna family. It fights off all the intruders who tried to harm Sienna from the alter entrance.
Tilia Deviatre
The older sister of Siena. She was a sweet lady who was famous for her beauty and intelligence all over Nevareth. Now she is Siena’s subordinate and also her advisor, ambitious enough to try to overturn her.
Smern Tricky
Once a gardener who took care of gardens of the Siena family, he agreed to assist Sienna in conquering the world after being infected by her, but also tries to take over Sienna and rule the world by himself.
She was once an esteemed daughter of one of a handful of the noble families. Mutated Siena, along with the ones she contaminated, forms a faction within the Mutant Clan. Her aim is to contaminate the two sages, Capella and Procyon, to rule the human race.