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Frozen Tower of Undead B1F

Entry Condition 85Lv / Battle Style 9Lv Time Limit 120 minutes Clear Bonus Honor Point(170pt)
Entry Item Epaulet of the Dead Location Undead Ground(X:111, Y:130)
The leader of Ice BabaYagas that is rumored to possess a rare black bijou.
You must find her necklace in order to proceed in the Tower of the Dead.
Rumor has it that burning Vuischekra's Shackles will gather Ice Ghouls to one place.
It must be defeated if you want to enter its master's, Libers Pertz Von Zatelleran's resting place.
Pertz von Zatellerean
Be forewarned that Libers Pertz Von Zatelleran is an ancient Vampire and cannot be defeated at once.
General Zombie
The leader of all Zombies in the Tower of the Dead. His broken device is told to have some kind of purpose for the solitary confinement room.
Flesh Golem
A golem that is made with flesh remnants of the dead. Rumor has it that you will be meeting with Mergaheph if you defeat them in revenge for someone.
It used to be a mild-natured creature, but has become violent ever since it was confined within an isolated room at the 1st underground level of the tower.
Libers Pertz von Zatellerean
A descendant of a historical vampire family, the Zatellerans. His name Libers means resurrection.
The Mergaheph
The ruler of the 1st underground level that is made with flesh remnants of a creature. It is the result of a forbidden research that is similar to Chimera.