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Illusion Castle Underworld

Entry Condition 120Lv/ Battle Style Lv 11 Time Limit 120 minutes Clear Bonus Honor Point (10,000pt)
Entry Item Copy of Illusive Apocalypse Location Lakeside 3F (X: 171, Y: 174)
It was once the chief gatekeeper that guarded the entrance of hell. It now stands on the entrance of the Illusion Castle Underworld and frightens off anyone that comes near. It is known to release reckless attacks to the intimidating opponents.
Bigcrup Cuawan
It is infamous for being ignorant, even among ogres. Nevertheless, it made its way to become the Ogre Lord by suppressing others with its tremendous force. Its distinctive characteristic is to attack with an enormous cudgel.
Bone-Chief Axorc
It is a greedy Orc Chief that is known to summon its underlings to shield itself or eat them to regain its vigor. It is also said to have the ability to curse the opponent, so it won’t be easy deal with.
Maga Eyagre
She is the arch-sorceress of harpies, who has a warlike streak; she is greatly pleased with confronting strong opponents. She specializes in dominating the intruders with deadly fire spells.
Kanaph Lycanus
It is the chief gatekeeper that guards the entrance of the Illusion Castle. It is short-tempered, and it is said that no one can get away with infuriating it. It is big, but is also quick and menacing.