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31 GAME Is there any way to change the viewpoint?
30 GAME How can I take screen shots?
29 GAME Is there any way to use the same kind of buff skills together?
28 GAME What is Royal Fixer, Raw Platinum, Formula Card(Event)?
27 GAME How to register items to your personal shop easily.
26 GAME I've sold a quest item by accident. What can I do to gain it back?
25 GAME I’m lost on a quest and not sure what I should be doing next. Any suggestions?
24 GAME I have reached lv30 and done my rank up quest and got combo special skill. How do I use it?
23 GAME I have reached lv10 and done my first rank up quest and the officer NPC asks me a series of questions about an Aura selection, what answer gives what aura and do Auras have any differences?
22 GAME Can I Change my character stats?
21 GAME What does the Growth Lv., STR XX INT XX DEX XX mean in my character information? What are their roles?
20 GAME I would like to save my chatting message. How can I save it?
19 GAME How can I change my text to different colors?
18 GAME How do I see the options for the Chat Window and what are the options?
17 GAME What are the different types of chat and how do I type in the right one?
16 GAME About basic crafting, when can I start it and how do I get Formula Cards?
15 GAME How do I create a party/group?
14 GAME How can I change the name of my Guild?
13 GAME How to entrust Guild Master
12 GAME How do I add members to my guild?